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2022-2023 Communities of Practice
Service-Learning & Community Engagement Communities of Practice
In 2022-23, Elon University will offer faculty and staff two service-learning and community engagement focused Communities of Practice (CoPs). The Faculty Fellow for Service-Learning and Community Engagement and the Kernodle Center for Civic Life invite you to consider participating in one of the two CoPs.

The two CoPs will be led by Elon faculty members, Alexa Darby and Heather Lindenman. They are both fantastic professors, excellent researchers, and very involved with community engaged teaching and research in our local community. Each of CoP will provide you with excellent resources and support for the coming year of unique opportunities and distinct challenges.

In 2022-23, the Kernodle Center for Civic Life, First-Year Foundations, and English Department will co-sponsor a Community of Practice focused on integrating service-learning or community engagement into ENG1100 (Writing: Argument and Inquiry) courses. Community engagement can support writing pedagogy in many ways: by fostering an understanding of audience, raising the stakes of written products, and providing real-world contexts for writing, among others. Service-learning approaches to writing can teach the importance of reciprocity, revision, and seeing from multiple perspectives, as well as transferable writing practices.

This CoP will be led by Heather Lindenman, Associate Professor English. Faculty who teach in the ENG1100 program are invited to join this CoP to develop a community-engaged module or component for a future ENG1100 course. In the first half of the Fall 2022 semester, faculty will read literature about and discuss the variety of approaches to community engagement in first-year writing. In the second half, faculty will develop community-engaged projects to integrate into their own future ENG1100 courses. Faculty will be encouraged to develop projects that support their existing interests and pedagogical goals.

The Kernodle Center for Civic Life will sponsor a Community of Practice with a focus on conducting research on service-learning and community engagement for the 2022-2023 academic year. Many faculty and staff conduct service-learning and community engagement at Elon, and this CoP will support us in bringing research to our practice. The goals of this CoP are to review the literature on a service-learning or community engagement topic, develop a research area of study, develop and conduct the study, analyze the data, and write a manuscript to submit for publication. If participants are not able to complete all these steps during the academic year, the CoP will continue to facilitate the research group beyond these sessions.

The CoP will be led by Alexa Darby, Professor of Psychology. We will meet three times in Fall 2022 and three times in Spring 2023. Meetings will involve discussing literature in the field and identifying gaps in existing research, exploring the process of conducting research in this area, and facilitating working sessions. Faculty and staff at all levels and stages are welcome to participate in this CoP.

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