Student Professional Development Center


The Elon Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) supports the mission, academic programs, and advancement of Elon University. The Elon SPDC assists students and alumni in understanding their career-related interests, individual preferences, strengths, and values. Also, we assist students in understanding how to conduct an effective internship, job, or graduate program search, for the ultimate purpose of pursuing meaningful careers over a lifetime.

As a premier operation, the Elon SPDC seeks:

  • To support Elon University in remaining a national leader in providing experiential education opportunities for students in conjunction with Elon Academic Departments and other campus offices
  • To provide high-quality services and "best practices" programming
  • To provide relevant, user-friendly, leading-edge career technologies
  • To build long-term relationships with a diverse set of graduate programs and employers for high-quality internship and post-graduation opportunities
  • To maintain and enhance partnerships, including but not limited to Students, Alumni, Academic Departments, Administration, and Parents
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