Station at Mill Point


The Station at Mill Point pays homage to the original train station that was located in the corner of Trollinger and Williamson. During the late 1880's, that train station served as the distribution point for many of the Mills around the area. Natives and the North Carolina Railroad System called that station "Mill Point."

Signature Programs/Traditions/Experiences:

  • Welcome Home - Opening Celebration
  • Weekly Student Professional Development Center (SPDC) Drop-in Hours
  • Morgan Place - Community Football Tailgate
  • Neighborhood Dinners with Faculty and Staff
  • Community Trick-or-Treat Event
  • Life After Elon Series
  • Dream Destination with Alumni Engagement
  • Diversity-themed January Book Study
  • Morgan Place Community - International Civil Rights Museum Trip
  • University Dining Learn to Cook Events

Among the amenities in the neighborhood:

  • Four bedroom (single occupancy bedroom) apartments
  • Commons building (the Depot) with gym, mailboxes, fireplaces, kitchen, meeting space and Student Professional Development (SPDC) satellite office
  • Outdoor recreation space including basketball hoop, pool, hammock stands, horse shoe pit and sand volleyball court
  • Community garden
  • Six outdoor charcoal grills
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