NC Student Legislature


What is the North Carolina Student Legislature (NCSL)?

NCSL was founded in 1937 and is the oldest active student legislature in the country. Colleges all over the state, including Elon, have delegations of NCSL.  NCSL provides students a with statewide forum for expressing their ideas and opinions on current issues to state and national leaders. NCSL’s voice is heard at many levels, and more than 40% of NCSL’s legislative ideas have been written into law.


What does NCSL do at Elon?

At Elon, NCSL meets on a weekly basis to debate resolutions written by members. Resolution topics range from polygamy to police body cameras (and everything in between!). We are a diverse group of members with a wide range of political beliefs. Once a month, we travel to a school in the state that is hosting that month’s Interim Council (IC). There, we debate resolutions among the statewide body. In addition, you have the opportunity to explore other colleges’ campuses, meet other NCSL members, and participate in social events. The chapter pays for gas to the IC’s as well as hotel rooms.


Outside of the classroom, NCSL also has a social function. We host debate watch parties, attend speakers on campus as a group, and have social get togethers.


What is the best part of NCSL?

While this is a subjective question, many members will say Annual Session. Annual Session is the climax of each and every legislative year. For four days in April, members of our organization assemble in Raleigh to debate legislation, elect new leadership and attend a capstone banquet. Members of the North Carolina Legislature and other important political figures often speak to our members during this time. We stay at a nice hotel in the heart of downtown Raleigh (walking distance to the legislative building), and a number of social events take place in the evenings after the day’s Session has concluded. Every NCSL member should experience Annual Session!

Can I get course credit, like with Model UN?

Yes! You can choose to take NCSL as a one-credit POL elective, or you can participate in just the club aspect. It is completely up to you!


This sounds great. When do you meet?

We meet on Thursdays from 5:30-6:30pm in Lindner Pavilion 102. We encourage you to come to one of our meetings any time!

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