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Elon University Esports is an organization which strives to provide a community for students interested in the world of Esports. Including popular games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, Super Smash Brothers, and many more, we make it our goal to help students form teams for games they wish to compete with against players across the United States. We also hope to provide a community for competitive and casual gamers alike through which they can bond and build lifelong friendships.


Each year, we form teams based on interest. The most popular games each year are League of Legends, Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege, and Super Smash Bros. This year, Rocket League along with Dota 2 are primed for their inclusion to our ranks. If there is sufficient interest among club members to field a team for a particular game, then the interested players may apply for its inclusion as an official team.


Elon University Esports helps connect players to tournaments and other Esports related events such as viewing parties and in-house competitions. As competitors in the CSL for a number of years, Elon Esports has a lot in the works to better provide opportunities for members to easily test their skills in fierce competition.


Club-wide meetings will be held at least bi-weekly unless a special meeting session needs to be called.
The time is tentatively planned to be Thursday evenings at 8 pm and the location of these meetings has yet to be determined.


In addition to Phoenix Connect, we will be operating through our Discord server to have a central hub for online club activities. You can find the link to the server here


Elon Esports is a Tespa chapter. Tespa is a network of college clubs founded to promote gaming culture and host the best college esports events and competitions. Partnered with Blizzard,Twitch, Rocket League, and Republic of Gamers, Tespa aims to help promote Esports in the Elon area by helping give prize support for events as well as helping us network with other schools.

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