Delta Delta Delta



Founded: November 27, 1888 - Boston University

Established at Elon: November 20, 2004

Organization Nickname: Tri Delta

Council: Panhellenic Association

Mission: The purpose of Delta Delta Delta shall be to establish a perpetual bond of friendship among its members, to develop a stronger and more womanly character, to broaden the moral and intellectual life and to assists its members in every possible way.

Motto: "Let us streadfastly love one another"

Values: Truth, Self-Sacrifice, Friendship

Colors: Cerulean Blue, Gold, Silver, Bright Blue

Symbol: Isosceles Tringle

Mascot: Dolphin

Flower: Pansy

National Philanthropies: Children's Cancer Research - Saint Jude Children's Research Hospital

Local Philanthropies: Saint Jude Children's Hospital

Local Service: Contact Caroline Lau for most up to date off campus service

GPA Requirement: 2.75

Chapter Night/Time: Sunday's at 6:00pm

Membership Cost (Dues): New members $886, Member dues $485, Part-time dues $250


Additional Information:

It shall also be the Purpose of Delta Delta Delta to promote and develop mutually beneficial relationships between the Fraternity and the colleges and universities where the Fraternity has established chapters, to develop qualities of unselfish leadership among its members, and to encourage them to assume, with integrity and devotion to moral and democratic principles, the highest responsibilities of college women.

Elon University's Epsilon Delta chapter of Tri Delta has a strong sisterhood and presence on campus.  With a focus on friendship, truth, and self-sacrifice, the Epsilon Delta chapter works to better its members and the community through philanthropic opportunities, community events, and sisterhood support and bonding.  Beyond its strong sisterhood network, the Epsilon Delta chapter sets itself apart on the Elon University campus as the sorority that has raised the most funding for its philanthropy.  Last year, the Epsilon Delta sisterhood proudly raised $67,000 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  If you would like more information about Tri Delta's chapter at Elon, please feel free to reach out to us!

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